Driver Improvement Courses

Many people do not realize that having a negative point balance on your driving record can lead to serious trouble. If you get too many violations in a short period of time, the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license administratively. This means there does not have to be a Court case for your license to be suspended. You can also only gain 2 positive points per year. That means one Reckless Driving ticket can take 3 years to recover your points. Since you can only carry 5 positive points on your record it makes sense that keeping a clean record can sometimes be difficult.

If you have received a ticket or violation that carries penalty points on it, you can earn some of those points back and protect your driving record. A Driver Improvement Course can give you up to 5 points back on your license. You can only receive that benefit once every 24 months, so it does not mean you can continue to accrue negative points.

Do yourself a favor and look into a driving course. A few extra points can never hurt..

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