Service is Service, so read your paperwork!

In a recent case, a defendant, who was a native Spanish speaker, was served with a Protective Order and then charged for violating the terms of that Order. The Court decided that his defense of not understanding the Protective Order was not sufficient to excuse his violating the Order.

When served with Orders or any type of paperwork by the Court or Law Enforcement the duty is on the person served to understand what is in the papers they receive. If you don’t understand what is in them, get an attorney to help explain it. Often times there are specific fine print terms that can carry huge consequences if violated.

For example, if you have a charge of Domestic Assault and Battery that is taken under advisement, you cannot carry own or transport a firearm while the matter is under the period of advisement. A violation of that could lead the Court to simply find you guilty of a matter that otherwise would have been dismissed.

It is always safer to consult someone who knows the papers, the charges and the consequences so you don’t find yourself in bigger trouble because of some fine print.

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