Juvenile Offenses

Juveniles get into as much trouble as adults, if not more.

Unfortunately the consequences of those youthful decisions can haunt your child for the rest of his or her life. In some cases Juveniles can be treated as adults and even sent to adult prison. Taking an immediate and proactive role in protecting your child is essential to their future success.

Driving, drugs, drinking and larcenies are just some of this things for which kids can get into trouble. Nowadays though, with the technologies available on cell phones, the potential risk for juveniles is at an all time high. Just receiving an inappropriate text message can be a criminal offense, even if your child was an unwitting recipient.

You and your child cannot afford to take any run in with the law lightly. There is a common misconception that Juvenile records are sealed, or go away when they turn 18. A Juvenile Felony can and will follow you around for your entire adult life.

Don’t let a youthful indiscretion ruin your life. Get help and get it sooner rather than later.

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